Athletic Philosophy

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  1. CHRIST-CENTERED: coaches are intentional about their faith and helping athletes grow in their faith
  2. Creates a Distinct Culture: coaches develop a way of doing things up and down the program that promotes growth in all areas on and off the playing surface.
  3. Contagious: the coaches create a vision and purpose that drives the athletes to want to be a part of that vision and purpose
  4. Consistent: coaches are focused on continuous improvement for themselves, all players in the program, in and out of season
  5. Communicates: coaches create a structured and constant line of communication with parents and athletes
  6. Connects and Cares: coaches seek to build relationships with athletes, not just X’s and O’s. Teamwork is not only taught but worked on with athletes. Coaches show value for each athlete, and takes time to let them know the value of their role
  7. Committed: coaches are dedicated beyond all others in the program, head coach is the most committed, they lead in a way that it isn’t only be seen, but felt by others