Baseball Core Values

Crusader Baseball


Grateful to God for giving me the health, talent and ability to play this game

  • Team will attend church service together
  • Team will participate in community service activities
  • Team will pray together regularly

Know the reason for what you are doing and keep that in mind every single day

  • Work every day to the best of your ability, all-out effort, all the time
  • Sitting in the “Learning T”
  • Focus attention on what we can control
  • Set daily goals and evaluate yourself at the end of every practice


We are ONE, on and off the field

  • Nothing is more valuable than a true friend
  • Unity is the key to teamwork
  • Hold your teammates accountable, both on the field and in the classroom


Make team goals your first priority

  • Be accepting of your role on the team, realizing that every person is a valuable asset
  • Remember that your individual decisions impact an entire team
  • Share in the success of your teammates



you are in control of your attitude and the effects it has on your team

  • “Get to” vs. “Have to” mentality— “Brian Cain”
  • Your body language is a direct reflection of your attitude
  • Adversity will strike; your response is key


Be a reliable team member

  • Put forth your best effort
  • Be loyal and committed to your teammates, 100% of the time
  • Living up to our word and fulfilling our promises


being at your best when it means the most: every practice, every game, every pitch

  • Make eye contact with your coaches and teammates when they are talking; show respect
  • You will improve by giving your all, it’s that simple
  • Be proactive in the classroom; do your assignments ahead of time, baseball isn’t an excuse for late work


consistently do the right thing and respect will be earned over time

  • Respect the game of baseball by giving your best effort all the time
  • Communicate honestly and respectfully with coaches and teammates
  • Arrive early to all practices and games, ready to give your best effort

Servant Leader

use your success to have a positive impact on someone else

  • Help people develop & perform to their highest potential
  • The Rock upon which a great culture is built
  • Act with humility
  • Cultivate a culture of trust