Girls Cross Country Core Values

2016 Lady Sader Cross Country Team

Our Vision:

We are a team that runs for Christ and represents him in everything that we do. We daily push not only ourselves, but each other. We respect one another and love each other. Our goal this season is to not only win races, but to “win” every day in practice, the classroom, and how we daily represent ourselves. We are a positive, unified, fun, and competitive team who works hard to always improve and better ourselves in more ways then one.


Our Core Values:

RUN4THEONE Our core values revolve entirely around this phrase because every day our focus is to run for Christ and in his glory.



We will be kind to our teammates and listen to our coach.



We are a family who works together and encourages one another. Even though cross country is considered to be an individual sport, we consider it a Team sport in need of everyone’s effort in order to be successful.


New Attitude

It is a new season, so we will have a new, optimistic, and positive attitude every day. We will have the positive mindset needed for this sport, and we will believe in ourselves and in the abilities that God has given to us.





We will have determination to push ourselves and each other. We will persevere through the tough workouts so we can excel on race day.


Hard Work

We will always give our best efforts and come to practice ready for a challenge.



We will cheer for each other and be excited for one another when individuals do well and improve both in practices and meets.


Off the Field Character

We will win every day not just on the track but in the classroom. We will represent ourselves and our team positively by being respectful to our teachers, getting good grades, and making good life decisions.


No Slacking and No Excuses

We will give full effort every day and will not find loopholes around training. We will persevere, and we will conquer our challenges.


Edge (competitive)

We will be competitive in our races and strive to do our very best. We will not be scared to push ourselves. We want to have no regrets when we are done racing.