Soccer Core Values

Crusader Soccer Core Values

Vision Statement

We are privileged to be a part of Crusader soccer. We play with such a passion that other teams hate to play against us. We represent each other in everything we do as one group UNITED. When people think about Crusader soccer, they think character, class, and dedication. We represent Christ and CLHS with pride every day. We are the toughest team in the district.


Core Values:

  1. Passion– we love the game; we love to compete; we have a positive attitude and don’t complain.


  1. Respect– we play united and selfless with one heart.


  1. Integrity– we do what is right on and off the field, we play with class, and we rise above adversity.


  1. Discipline– we give 100% effort and we push each other to be the best.


  1. Excellence– we are committed, and we hold each other accountable.