Girls Basketball Core Values



  1. We don’t complain. This individual can handle any situation and never complains about anything on or off the court.
  1. The truly extraordinary do something every day. This individual has remarkable self-discipline, and every day works to get better.
  1. We work hard. This individual never stops pushing herself. She is absolutely relentless in training and on the court.
  1. We don’t freak out over ridiculous issues or create problems within the team. The best example is the even-kneeled player. We always choose to be positive.
  1. We treat everyone with respect. This is the player who never separates herself from anyone or makes anyone feel beneath her.
  1. We care about each other as teammates and as human beings. This is that non-judgmental teammate that never says a negative thing about anyone and embraces everyone.
  1. When we don’t play as much as we would like we are a great teammate and still support the team and its mission. This player always places the team before herself.
  1. We play for each other. This is the kind of player that works herself to exhaustion in the toughest games. Her effort and communication make her fun to play with and her selflessness makes everyone around her to be a better player.
  1. We are well led. This is the verbal leader on the court that is less concerned with her popularity and more concerned about holding everyone to their highest standards and driving her teammates to their potential. This person competes all the time and demands that everyone else do as well!