Volleyball Core Standards

Volleyball Core Values

Vision Statement:

The Concordia Volleyball Program seeks to provide the highest quality competitive volleyball experience in private education.


Mission Statement:

Through participation, education and commitment to volleyball as a team sport, players will develop relationships, skills and knowledge that will allow them to glorify God on and off the court.


Concordia Volleyball Core Values:



Commit to displaying a Christ-Like attitude on and off the court, Commit to pursuing the knowledge of Scripture in a better effort to have a personal relationship with Christ, rooted in truth=stand tall in faith




Set high standards and stick to them-even through adversity, we understand that our actions and reactions during practice and workouts directly translate to game behavior




Loyalty to coaches, teammates and school, embrace opportunity to contribute, understand your actions impact everyone around you, be sincere in your words and actions, be involved in the development of others, accountability on the court , in the classroom. weightroom, etc…., honor the uniform, no excuses




Hard work, pursuit, contagious energy and enthusiasm, initiate action-do what needs to be done, pursue excellence relentlessly, pursue fun relentlessly, growth, etc….




Every day; we set, work towards and achieve the highest standards, each player has a personal responsibility and plays a valuable role in reaching a common goal




Continual thanks for new opportunities and provisions given by God, parents, alumni, donors, school, coaches, etc…Embrace role on the team, value the guidance of coaches and peers, choose to be positive



*Goal: Win and excel at the highest level while competing in a way that reflects our core values.